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Indoor Cycling

Group cycling creates an invigorating and encouraging atmosphere. Top-of-the-line indoor cycles combine unique award-winning design with an enhanced digital experience. The Coach By Color® intensity guide, WattRate® Power Meter and connectivity to external devices combine to provide excitement and engagement.

Indoor Cycling

Determine which bike is right for you

Award Winning


The innovative “Life Fitness powered by ICG®” indoor cycling bikes IC5, IC6, IC7 and the IC8 power trainer have striking, award-winning design. The Poly-V belt drive that powers each ICG bike transfers extreme levels of torque smoothly, requires limited maintenance, and is quieter than other drive systems. The industry standard Q Factor (the distance between an exerciser’s feet when they sit on a bike and pedal) of 155mm on most ICG bikes results in a ride that feels comfortable and natural.


Engage Your Exercisers

Unique Digital Capabilities

The ICG experience is unlike any other. The digital systems ICG® Connect, Myride® VX and the ICG® Training App, combine engaging technology with numerous motivational functions for more entertainment in both group cycling classes and on the cardio floor. The unique personalized Coach By Color® intensity guide and the WattRate® Power Meter (deviation +/- 1%) not only deliver highly motivational workouts for all target groups, but guarantees the most accurate personalized results in the market.

Engage Your Exercisers

Unique Digital Capabilities

ICG® Connect, Myride® VX and the ICG® Training App, combine engaging technology with motivational functions.
Virtually Everything Is Possible


Instructors can use apps to enhance live training sessions, and facilities can use them to schedule virtual classes online or play on demand.
A Connected Cycling Experience

ICG Connect

Introducing ICG® Connect, a digital platform created to deliver data-visualisation and gaming.
See It In Action

ICG Connect


Studio Dumbbells

Add a total-body upgrade to your ICG bikes with studio dumbbells. Exercisers can engage their upper body with several different training options while riding.
Driving Innovation

Equipment For Every Need

A wide breadth of cardio equipment allows you to select the fitness equipment that fits your unique needs.
Built to run for ages


Our treadmills for commercial gyms reduce joint stress, provide effective cardio workouts and offer entertainment for all levels of exercisers.
Halo Fitness Cloud

Facility Management

Managing your fitness facility is easier with this comprehensive digital tool. Halo offers insights into equipment use and exerciser behavior. It also allows for seamless software updates, facility-wide equipment settings, and service notifications.