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On-Demand Content is a Gamechanger


73% Growth

The INCREASE from 2019 to 2020 in streaming services weekly. By April 2020, 80% streamed fitness video content weekly, as opposed to only 7% in 2019. Up to 80% exercisers streamed fitness videos during COVID shutdown. About half say they will continue using on-demand content.


18 - 40 years old is the age range of highest usage of on-demand video. 60% of those users are also willing to pay more for fitness facilities with an environment they enjoy.
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For satisfaction in digital training are: motivation, having fun and being on a brand/platform they trust.



On-Demand is in Demand

Exercisers expect their workouts to be accommodating to their fitness level, to make progress toward their fitness goals, and to stay excited during the journey. Frequent surveys and field data suggest that it’s imperative gyms and facilities have on-demand content.


Workouts That Grow With You

Your facility can bridge the gap between exerciser expectations and fitness experiences. Life Fitness On Demand has an expanding library of workouts that keep the fitness journey fresh and exciting. When your exercisers find new workouts by their favorite trainers, they’ll keep coming back to what—or who—they’re excited by. 

Life Fitness on demand




Jen Tallman

Jen is a New York-based group fitness instructor, cycling instructor, personal trainer and running coach. She has been a trainer for 9 years and has TRX Level 1 and 2, StrongFirst Kettlebell Level 1, RRCA Run Coach Level 1, Schwinn & Mad Dogg Spinning certifications, as well as Group and Personal Training accreditations through SCW.

Jen’s fitness philosophy is inclusive and related to her own fitness journey. She was inactive for the first 21 years of her life because she thought her body had to look a certain way to be active. With Jen, every workout is a challenge whether you’re a beginner or expert. She inspires people to find their greatness through sweat.

“Every workout is a challenge for us to get stronger together!”

No matter who you are, Jen will make you feel comfortable and excited to progress through your fitness journey and achieve your goals.

Learn more about Jen
Mary Onyango

Mary Onyango

Mary Onyango’s fitness career started with gymnastics and volleyball as a child. She continued playing volleyball in college and started a side hustle as a personal trainer. After falling in love with helping people and training, it turned into a full-time career.

Her motto: “Train your body. Train your mind. Strength starts in your mind. You must first believe you are strong, then your body will follow.”

Fitness has helped Mary build perseverance, community and a strong foundation of like-minded people. Fitness helped her see potential, actualize it, and realize nothing is impossible. Her workouts have that in mind. They are tough, but with the right mindset are achievable.

She teaches people to be patient, listen to their bodies, and then find short- and long-term ways to overcome obstacles and push past difficulties in life and fitness.

Grounded. Real. Motivational. Mary is who you want in your corner (or console screen) to have a transformative workout experience.

Learn more about mary

Arturo Gutierrez

Arturo is a bilingual fitness instructor who has spent the last 15 years inspiring people to live healthier lives. His fitness journey started with him playing tennis at an early age and learning about the positive impact of incorporating fitness as a lifestyle. From there, Arturo took a traditional route; he went to school for a business degree, found a corporate job, then got his MBA. The one constant? Fitness and wellbeing. The next step was to become a trainer and share his success.

Arturo has certifications as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor, ICG Cycling Instructor and USAW Olympic Weightlifting Coach among a few others he’s working on. He takes his knowledge and expertise in business and combines it with his passion for fitness to help others succeed on their fitness journey.

“Seeing is believing. I like to motivate my clients and help them visualize better versions of themselves. I like to use visualization examples that help them stay focused on the goal.”

Arturo’s non-traditional path to fitness makes him a favorite among those who want trainers they can relate to and feel comfortable with while staying motivated.

Learn More about Arturo

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