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What To Do During A Shutdown

It's a difficult time to own a gym or manage a fitness club. Because all gyms and fitness facilities have been forced to close their doors, there is no time schedule for reopening. On the other hand, there are things you can do to keep yourself busy and prepare for the reopening of your club, and we are here to help you!

  1. Major Cleanup

Cleaning is of course always a good idea, however, now is an ideal time to give your fitness club a thorough cleaning. Follow the latest government guidelines to make sure you do everything you can to eliminate coronavirus and other harmful germs in common areas.

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  1. Preventive maintenance

A shutdown is great for maintenance or repair, our Service Team is ready for you! Respecting all guidelines and regulations, they will do their utmost to help everyone in the best possible way. Is your software still up to date? You can take advantage of this period to make sure all consoles are running on the latest software version. If you have the Discover SE3 HD consoles, you can now activate Life Fitness on Demand for free - so your members can join their favorite cardio lessons on demand. You can reach the Service Team at emeaservicesupport@lifefitness.com.

  1. Stay in contact

Many of your members miss your gym just as much as you miss them. Keep in touch via email. Provide them with positivity to brighten their days and encourage them to stay active at home. At Life Fitness, we use our Digital Coach platform so athletes can train at home.

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There is also a solution for the cycling fanatics at your club! They can make free use of the ICG World Tour Series and the live group classes with Online Coach via vimeo on demand.

ICG World Tour Series 

ICG Online Coach

  1. Become creative

The financial concerns of the shutdown are enormous and there is no easy remedy for the loss of cash flow. But there are several ways to alleviate this suffering for you as an entrepreneur and for the self-employed who suffer most from coronavirus closures. Offer gift vouchers or prepayment for each group training or personal training session you offer. This can help generate much-needed income, and members will also benefit from it. Furthermore, you may consider setting up a Go Fund Me page where loyal members can donate to help your staff. This tactic has proven to work in the hospitality industry, and if members of your fitness club feel they are part of a community, they will contribute.

Open a Go Fund Me page 

  1. Keep learning

Spend your time useful by keeping up with the knowledge in the market? We have compiled the top 10 trends of the renowned American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for you. Prepare yourself for the reopening of your club and the battle with your competitors; know where to focus on in order to boost your business and prepare for the future!

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Do you want to receive more valuable tips and tricks or are you thinking about renovating your club? Feel free to contact us. Our Account Managers will be happy to help you.