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The Positive Message Of Life Fitness On Demand Instructor Nikki Pebbles

The talented trainers who drive Life Fitness On Demand—instructor-led workouts available on Discover SE3 HD consoles—come from diverse backgrounds and each approaches fitness with a unique perspective. A few of them share their stories about what fitness means to them and how they got to where they are. Nikki Pebbles is a New York-based personal trainer and life coach. Follow Nikki on Instagram (@nikkipebbles) or at NikkiPebbles.com. ​

It’s easy to be struck by the contagiously positive nature exuded by group fitness instructor Nikki Pebbles. The encouraging smile and energetic personality come across well both in person and on the screen of a cardio machine, which is why she’s the perfect choice to be a Life Fitness On Demand instructor. 


The trainer displays a genuine excitement when it comes to fitness, which is both motivating and affirming.

“Fitness became a really big part of my life really since a young age,” said Pebbles. “I've been a dancer since three. I've always been moving my body. But specifically, I would say around 22 is when I started very much getting into weightlifting and really understanding what fitness could do for me. That's kind of when I got into becoming a fitness instructor and seeing the beautiful world of movement and what it could do for other people and how it makes people feel amazing.”

She stresses mental positivity as the key to starting a successful fitness regimen. Once activity is associated with feeling happier and more energized, a workout program becomes easier to maintain.


The mental aspect is an essential part of fitness, which as an industry is too often thought of as solely a weight-loss mechanism. That sort of tunnel vision isn’t what Pebbles is about. She’s a proponent of spreading the gospel of positive body image, and seeing fitness through a much more holistic lens.

“Fitness is about feeling good,” she explains. “I think when we start concentrating more on the strength that we're building, getting more excited by the fact that we can run a mile in maybe 12 minutes versus 15 minutes or lift an eight-pound weight versus a five-pound weight—that right there is magical. That is so much more of a psychological component that we need to concentrate on versus just being like, ‘wow, I lost this weight.’ Fitness is much more than just your body. It's a whole mental, physical type of component.”


Pebbles stresses the importance of a fitness instructor building a level of trust and connection with exercisers. The idea that she’s a partner in the workout is essential.

“I want people to feel like I'm with them, that I'm their teammate because I think it's really easy to feel intimidated when it comes to fitness,” added Pebbles. “People feel like they can't do it. That first step is always the scariest. In person, I'm right there with you, but even on video, I think it's so great because we could do it anywhere in the world. I can connect with you anywhere. We're in it together. We're teammates the entire ride.”