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How Do You Make Sure That Your Members Stay Active And Healthy The Coming Weeks

In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 virus, we want to help you, your employees and members to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. This way we can overcome the limitations we currently face together. It is important that we all manage to stay as active as possible and therefore we would like to share a few helpful guidelines to motivate your members and let them return to the club as fit as possible:

1.            Be active

For good physical and mental health, adult members should strive to be physically active every day. Each activity is better than none, the more the better.

2.            Maintaining muscle mass with strength training

Adults should do activities to develop or maintain strength in the large muscle groups. Examples include; heavy gardening, heavy grocery shopping, home chores or regular strength training with sports accessories. Muscle strengthening activities should be done at least two days a week, but each strengthening activity is also better than none.


3.            Maintain fitness with cardio

Every week, adults should perform at least 150 minutes (2 ½ hours) of moderate exercise such as walking or cycling; or 75 minutes of powerful exercise such as running or inline skating; or an even shorter duration of intense exercise such as sprinting, climbing stairs, jumping rope or joining a HIIT class; or a combination of moderate, powerful and intense exercise.

4.            Sitting is Killing!

Make sure your members strive to minimize the time they spend sitting and - when physically possible - interrupt long periods of inactivity with at least one light physical activity. This includes standing instead of sitting or sitting on a ball instead of a chair.


Source: UK Chief Medical Officers' Physical Activity Guidelines for adults aged 19 to 64 [September 2019].

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