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Life Fitness

جهاز الجري Activate Series

Simple and intuitive interaction allows any exerciser to get into their cardio workouts quickly. An attachable TV add-on provides any facility with the option to add entertainment to the experience. The FlexDeck Shock Absorption System enhances comfort and reduces stress on the joints during runs or walks. The Activate Series is extremely durable and easy to use. And when connected to the internet, it provides usage insights and service notifications that make ownership easy.

Activate Series Treadmill with TV

تلفزيون اختياري قابل للإلحاق

توفر الشاشة التلفزيونية القابلة للتوصيل ترفيهًا حيويًا لممارسة تمرينات تقوية القلب، مما يحافظ على مستويات تفاعل المتمرنين وحماسهم.

Technical Specifications


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