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Life Fitness

Total-Body Arc Trainer

The Arc Trainer is a versatile alternative motion cross-trainer that appeals to a wide range of exercisers. Moving arms with multigrip handles provide a total-body workout that exerts less stress on the knees than walking. The 21 incline levels allow users to choose the type of workout they prefer and the different muscle groups that they want to work. The Arc Trainer is truly a 3-in-1 cardio machine. The wide incline range gives exercisers the ability to glide (lower inclines), stride (medium inclines), or climb (higher inclines). Users can also choose between long cardio workouts, short bursts during interval training, or workouts focused on building power and strength. Fitness facilities have several console options to choose from. They range from simple and intuitive, to entertainment rich and engaging.

Technical Specifications

Description Life Fitness Total Body Arc Trainer
Console C, X, ST, SE3HD
Dimensions (L” x W” x H”) 76.5" x 36.25" x 62.5" 194 cm x 93 cm x 159 cm
Active Dimensions -
Equipment Weight 412 lbs
Minimum Space between Foot Pedals (inches) 3"
Step-Up Height (inches) 5.25"
Fitfair2019 - 20191122 - WF2_8495 (2)

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