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Halo Trip Planner

We have updated our Halo platform to include a new tool – Halo Trip Planner. This feature will allow members to see which cardio machines are in use in real time and what the most popular times of day are in your facility, to help them plan their trip. Particularly beneficial at this time when equipment may be more limited than usual due to social distancing, this added benefit will mean less chance of your members arriving to find they can’t get on to their chosen machine and complete their workout.

It’s available on connected Life Fitness Discover SE, SE3, SE3HD, ST and SI consoles and can be added to your facility website or as a unique URL to link out to the feature from your app.

We thought it would be helpful to guide you through the set up of the trip planner, so your members can start to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible.

Please note Publishing a Facility's Trip Planner can only be done with Admin Staff Privileges.  Please refer to the related Zendesk to edit staff privileges here  

Halo Teaser 1 Image

How to Set Up Trip Planner:

Start by logging into your Halo Facility Account and click on the "Customise" button within the Equipment Tab. 

Next complete step 1 of Trip Planner Configuration. You can either upload a custom logo or click "next" to use the default Life Fitness logo.

Halo Teaser 2 Image

Complete step 2 of Trip Planner Configuration, here you can either choose a Hex Colour or click "next" to use the default Life Fitness Red Hex Color (#d11f2d).

For step 3 of Trip Planner Configuration you can set which language the Trip Planner will be shown in and confirm your facility operation hours.

Your facility operation hours dictates what hours are shown on the popular times graph.

Complete the final step of Trip Planner Configuration which offers you the option to either copy embed code (for use within an existing website or app) or copy URL (for use as a standalone website). Trip Planner is also mobile responsive, allowing users to view on any screen size.

Halo Trip 3 Image

Once you have embedded the Trip Planner into your website or app, or sent your members the generated URL, they can use the following features:

1) View Popular Times: View the most popular times based on historical data over the past 90 days.  This can be viewed in 24Hr & 12Hr time.

A unit is counted as being used during a given hour if 2+ of the following conditions are met:

  • At least 1 workout was active during minute 0-19 of the hour
  • At least 1 workout was active during minute 20-39 of the hour
  • At least 1 workout was active during minute 40-59 of the hour

NOTE: Trip Planner Popular Times Graph takes 7 days post-creation to populate

2) View Supported Consoles: View all supported consoles shown within the Trip Planner Interface

3) View Available Equipment: View all available units, filtered by Base type

4) View Unavailable Equipment: View all unavailable units, filtered by Base type.  There are 2 types of unavailable equipment status:

  • Not Connected: Shown when no workout has been completed on the unit since the Trip Planner was generated.
  • Elapsed Time: Shown when equipment is currently in workout.  Time shown is how long equipment has been within a workout.

5) Give Feedback: Give feedback to help us improve the features of Trip Planner via the feedback button

Halo Trip 4 Image

We have created some assets to help you let your customers know about this new feature, take a look at the marketing kit here