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Life Fitness

Resistance Tubes

The Life Fitness Covered Resistance Tube adds durability and peace of mind to a fitness favorite! The stretchy gray nylon sleeve protects the tubing from nicks, cuts, overstretching. The ergonomic plastic handles feature a textured rubber grip for stability and comfort. Five color coded resistances, clearly listed on the nylon handle straps. Interior tube is 60" long, but will stretch. Sold individually.

  • 5 color coded resistances – Extra Light through Extra Heavy
  • Ergonomic plastic handle with textured rubber grip
  • Resistance is clearly visible on the nylon handle strap
  • Tubing is covered by a thick, nylon sleeve to protect it from nicks, cuts and overstretching Tube is 60" (5’)

Resistance Ranges in LB:

  • Extra Light: 4-15
  • Light: 7-27
  • Medium: 9-34
  • Heavy: 12-45
  • Extra Heavy: 18-71

Technical Specifications

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